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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

athours note

The incident Rosa parks is probably the most famous example of racism. She was riding the bus and a

white person came along. He told her to move. She refused, the bus driver made her get off the bus

where she was than arrested. This caused an up roar in the black community. People boycotted buses

because of her arrest. This was a big help to the civil right movement.
I see racism every day. I mean people tell racist jokes all the time, but it's not the same. Back then you c

it.ould be arrested (if you were black) for shaking a white guy’s hand. In this book I was trying to portray

racism. You might have gotten a hit of self image in there to some where, but I was mostly going for

racism. I do think that things like this do happen. People think that if your one color or skin tone you can

be better than another person. I hope you can get the same type of experience I got by writing this by