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Sunday, February 6, 2011

ars poetica

poetry is life
we catch it and write on
paper so we don't

forget what we saw
and we can tell every thing's
story through our eyes


personally i
don't like this letter it makes
bad things i don't like

i got two N's ma
what does that mean?
mean's i need to shut up and
keep my mind clean

of anything that would cause me to
laugh, talk, or just straight up be loud
and i gotta get face outta the clouds

i need to work hard
cause now hardly workin'
i need some thin to day so i can't be seen lurkin
in the back of class laughin my ass off
like its no problem
but it is so

i do all work though
and now i know
how not to get an N

"promotion in dout"

dear bortoluzzi's
your son may not graduate
with love board of ed

i wish it were that simple
but it really isn't
i must stride to
provide a satisfying grade
or in middle school fifty one i will stay

for another year
that's not right
I've done what i could
i will not go down with out a fight

so with a pencil as my sword and
note book as my shield
i run on to that endless battle field

with an army of teacher in front
and legion of friends at my back
in to school i charge yell attack


no hugs good night
no " i love you"'s
no words

just a touch on my shoulder
as she walks away with tears in her eyes