Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reading response to macbeth

I'm reading Macbeth by William Shakespeare. There is this war going on between the king Duncan who is this old oblivious dude and Norway. Macbeth is a soldier for King Duncan. Macbeth is this really strong guy; in the text it says "he cut a man from his chaps to his gullet" which in American means he sliced a guy from his crotch to his neck. Then there's his friend Banquo who is also soldier and they've fought side by side for a long time. Then there is Macduff. Now he is also friends with Macbeth but i don’t really know the deal with him.

So the thing that I’m focusing on is the character Ross. Ross is this supporting figure that starts on Macbeth’s side of things in general and then switches over to Macduff’s side of things. He is with Macduff when they discover Duncan’s dead body. He is suspicious of Macbeth from Banquo’s death. Ross is Macduff’s cousin.

    Ross always seems to be the bearer of bad news. Like I said he was there when Duncan is murdered. He isn’t in the room when it happens but he’s in the next room when lady Macduff and Macduff’s children are killed and ends up being the one that tells macduff’s family is dead. In the last scene he finds a dead boy while his mom is right there.

    This is a little off topic but there is this reoccurring theme of the great chain of being. This was an idea in the mid-evil ages that if you were a slave god wanted you to be a slave, if you were king god wanted you to be king. So when Macbeth kills Duncan everything is going crazy saying that because gods will has been changed. So there is this weird scene where Ross is talking to this old guy and they talk about an eagle getting killed by an owl. So yeah I just wanted to through that in.

    Any way in conclusion Ross is a cool character. He is an interesting person to get into. He is great character to play (I’m ross in dramaJ)and I think he is important because he switches sides


  1. Nice Daniel, i like how you made connections of what you are understanding to what you are acting out. This shows that you are taking this role seriously, and not just acting, understanding it. Nice Job :)

  2. Man, this is totally from the script and what Mr.McEneny told us :P