Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Revised Reading response to Macbeth.

       In drama we are putting on the Tragidy of Macbeth by William Shakespear and i play Ross.

       So the thing that I’m focusing on is the character Ross. Ross is this supporting figure that starts on Macbeth’s side of things in general and then switches over to Macduff’s side of things. He is with Macduff when they discover Duncan’s dead body. He is suspicious of Macbeth from Banquo’s death. Ross is Macduff’s cousin.
       Ross always seems to be the bearer of bad news. Like I said he was there when Duncan is murdered. He isn’t in the room when it happens but he’s in the next room when lady Macduff and Macduff’s children are killed and ends up being the one that tells macduff’s family is dead. In the last scene he finds a dead boy while his mom is right there. 

       Ross is interesting because he's the only character that starts on Macbeth's side and switches to Malcolm and Macduff's side. He has no choice some could say that he was forced to switch being that he saw lady Macduff die and had his thoughts about Macbeth from the death of Duncan and also with Banquo. In one scene Macduff and Ross are talking while Macbeth is screaming about "two murders here preformed" so they both have some what of a grip on what's actually going 

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